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Protect Your Vehicle: 5 Essential Tips for Preventing Flood Damage During a Storm

The UAE is currently experiencing heavy rains causing widespread havoc across the emirates. Government agencies are issuing warnings asking residents to refrain from driving dangerously during these storms. These severe weather conditions can be extremely detrimental to your vehicle.

Here are 5 important tips to follow to avoid damaging your car when driving during heavy rainstorms.

  1. If possible, avoid driving through deep water should you have a saloon car. Flooded streets can be misleading. The water may be deeper than you think! The closer your engine is to the ground, the easier it will be for water to flood into your engine.

  2. If you have to drive through it, drive at an even, steady pace.

  3. Make sure you know where your engine air intake is as if it is very low, it will draw in water. Water does not compress, and you will end up with a hydro-locked engine. These are expensive to fix.

  4. If you are in a 4x4 in deep water, create a bow wave by driving steadily which helps to clear water from the engine compartment.

  5. If you end up with a hydro-locked engine, DO NOT attempt to restart the vehicle to avoid further damage. At this point you will have to call a recovery truck to help retrieve your car.

UAE floods


image source: interaksyon.philstar

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