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Saluki Motorsport welders have accreditation by our motorsport ASN (governing body), the EMSO (Emirates Motor Sport Organisation), which allows us to build roll cages in compliance with FIA Regulations for Safety Cages Appendix J, Article 283-8.2.

We stock ROPT510 roll cage material which meets and exceeds FIA regulations. This material is used in all our roll cage builds.

ROPT510 has been created to serve the clubman racer and other projects, which need to meet the FIA minimum regulations for roll cages, roll-over hoops and general chassis and motorsport preparation.

Being a carbon-based cold drawn seamless tube (CDS), ROPT510 is high strength, easy to form and has excellent welding properties.


  • Tensile Strength: 510 N/mm2 minimum

  • 2% Yield Strength: 370 N/mm2 minimum

  • Elongation: 25% minimum

ASN-accredited welders for confidence when you need it the most

ROPT510 outperforms other cold drawn seamless tubes (CDS), having both a high tensile and yield strength plus high elongation properties. Generic CDS such as CFS360NBK, CFS3BK, E235+N or E235+C only contains one of these properties, which means a loss of strength or a loss of formability in comparison.

These fabrication skills and qualifications allow us to carry out work on non-race vehicles such as bumper bars, skid plates, roll-over protection, long range fuel tanks, and more. This includes welding all sorts of alloys using the TIG process.

Our roll cages exceed FIA regulations

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