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Saluki Motorsport established a second workshop in 2012 to carry out all precision fabrication, custom build and race car preparation activities.

This workshop is the focus of all our competition activity, including race team management, race driver training and precision driving services for the film industry.

At Saluki Motorsport, we know exactly what it takes to keep an off-road race car running throughout the toughest race, because we’ve done it.

We bring our experience to your success


Saluki Motorsport is one of few companies in the United Arab Emirates to have the ASN’s welding accreditation from the ATCUAE (Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates). Coupled with carrying stocks of ROPT510 seamless roll cage tube, we have extensive experience and ability in building all various styles of racing vehicles with the strength and reliability to compete successfully in FIA-sanctioned international rally raid events, as well as local competitions. We can also source and supply high performance engines, transmissions and suspension systems, and have the ability to custom fabricate precision components for such specialist application.


Saluki Motorsport can provide a complete team management package. We can supply or source a competition vehicle, obtain all licenses and race entry approvals, deliver full on-site support, along with workshop services. All you need to do is turn up and drive.


In addition to off-road driver training, we provide precision driving services to the film and television industries. This can involve on-road action, driving as stand-in for stars, off-road services, camera platforms, fleet provision, and safe performer transport.


In addition to vehicle preparation, we have a fully equipped mobile workshop, support vehicles and repair services, so all you need to do is turn up and drive and let us take care of the rest.


We have provided support to teams preparing for the Dakar Rally, Oman International Drifting Championship, Cross Country World Championship, Baja Rallies and other events, to Overdrive / Gazoo Toyota,  Red Bull Off Road Team USA, teams and more.


Based in the United Arab Emirates, we are perfectly placed to offer lessons in desert driving techniques. Many drivers are very competent when it comes to rallying, but need to hone their skills when it comes to tackling sand driving – this is where we come in. With over 18 years of desert racing experience, we can provide one-to-one tuition, whether it is in your own vehicle, or one of Saluki Motorsport’s rally vehicles

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