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Is your car leaking? Here's what you should know

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Do you see a spot of liquid under your car? Saluki Motorsport will help you understand what it means. Not all leaks are a matter of concern, however some are signs of an issue your car is trying to communicate. We strongly recommend that you do not hesitate to get leaks checked out any time you see them.

Types of leaks:

  • Clear liquid or water seen under your car during hot summer months is from the a/c. This is a common and harmless leak.

  • Light yellow/ brownish liquid with a cooking oil consistency can be a brake fluid leak!

  • Black or very dark brown liquid is easy to spot, but what is it? It can be a leak from your engine/transmission/power steering or even the differential.

  • Green, pink or blue liquid is normally the coolant in your car.

  • Dark or Multicolor liquid may indicate a gas leak. If you have a puddle of gas near the rear of the car, it probably means you have a leaky gas tank.

*Before you drive your car to your car specialist, please call them to confirm whether it is safe to drive.

At Saluki Motorsport, we always advise our customers not to ignore any signs of liquid spots under their cars. A routine checkup will save you a fortune in the long run.


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