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A Tale of a Ssanyong Musso Rally Car…

In 1997 two Ssanyong Musso’s were entered into the Dakar Rally. Driven by the pairings of Tambay / Occelli and Rivière / Siviero, they were largely unsuccessful. These two vehicles ended up in the Middle East where one of them was entered into the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.

Fast forward a number of years, Mark Powell of Saluki Motorsport came across one of these historic vehicles being stored in a workshop and purchased it. The Musso T2 was entered into a number of local UAE events. Swedish Rally Driver, Annie Seel and her co-driver, renowned Swedish artist Catrine Nasmark, both travelled from Sweden to join Saluki Motorsport in these events piloting the Musso.

The car was subsequently sold to Georgy Gomshiashvilli in 2016, who, with Nikita Abramov, used it for a season or two. The car was then shipped to Portugal in 2019 to compete in the 24 hour races there. It was then stripped down to its chassis and restored to its former glory by Joao Costa and Luis Santos.

Joao and Luis had always had the dream of competing in the Dakar Rally and with the introduction of Dakar Classic, (a rally within the main Dakar rally using ex-Dakar cars) they decided to take the Musso back to it’s roots and enter the 2022 Dakar Classic!

We at Saluki enjoy a story such as this and we wish the Blues Brothers Dakar Rally Team the best of luck next January!


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