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A customer review.

"I am moving to Uganda and fitting out my 2014 Pajero as a base vehicle for a 4x4 and moto adventure company which I am starting up:

I needed a rear drawer system to provide general utilities: water tank and pump in rear seat well; dual battery, inverter, compressor and a hole heap of wiring and switches for lights and accessories. I also wanted two pull out drawers, one for recovery equipment and one for a rather complex 'kitchen' drawer with cooker, sub-drawer and extending table. All needed to be strong enough to mount fridge freezer and heavy camping gear above - and to withstand the jarring African roads.

rear drawer system 2014 Pajero

Mark, the owner, gave generously of his time to understand the requirement, buy into my initial ideas and adapt and develop them based on his years of experience.

The team quickly fabricated initial prototypes and these were developed quickly, harmonizing with the vehicle and working against a very tight shipping deadline with great attention to detail on fixings, wiring, finishing (including powder coating), etc.

The end result is superb and well beyond my expectations.

Most significantly, it has been optimized to reduce weight (significantly using steel frame and aluminum drawer construction Instead of my early Ideas of wood!), Is beautifully finished, robust and fully functional.

The project was completed ahead of time, allowing me just a couple of days to try it out before shipping. To my delight in early testing, the assembly did everything I had envisaged, and more... with clever couplings for compressed air and water, well managed wiring runs with detachable plugs for removeable accessories, and excellent use of space which is essential. I was also delighted that when driving on rough ground, there was no perceptible rattle or creaking - at all, despite the complex assembly.

All in all, a great job.

Value? - excellent! I was on a tight budget, but I also wanted to do the job once and for it to work reliably in tough conditions. I have full confidence in the developed design and workmanship - and that it will support my requirements for many years to come. For that I may have paid a little more than a back street hack in Sharjah - but what price peace of mind?

Would highly recommend. Many thanks to Mark and the team.



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